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Organic Lip Balm + Felt Pouch


Organic Lip Balm

Lip perfection. Silky, soft + luxurious.

Sano + Humano’s Organic Lip Balm is made only from the highest quality organic ingredients. A luxury lip soother, moisture restorer + treatment all in one. Perfect also as a lipstick primer. Totally organic, with no synthetic stabilisers, artificial flavours or preservatives.

To the eye, it has a natural beautiful fawn hue, created by nature. The ‘glide’ of its application is exceptional. It provides a beautifully light, highly nourishing + smooth lip ‘feel’, while also being able to deliver long lasting results.

This blend of ingredients is highly hydrating + restores the lip moisture balance due to the high levels of vitamins A, C + E. The lips have the thinnest skin on the body therefore are very sensitive to the elements + other factors within the body that cause sore, dry + cracked lips.

Research showed us that ‘lip balm retail shelves’ mostly contained nasty chemicals. Sadly, also many of the ‘natural’ marketed lip balms, still bore the ingredient content lists of synthetics.

We believe we have formulated a superior, results driven, truly organic lip balm that we have wrapped our values system around. When we heard, “This is the best lip balm I have ever used”, by very willing human product testers, over + over again. We knew it was ready.

Our organic lip balm is designed to leave you thinking about how good your lips feel. Everyday. (Sano + Humano’s translates to Healthy Human)

Being a high-end lip product, the lip balm is presented in a refillable elegant lipstick container + felt presentation bag. Making it the essential ‘self-gift’ or the perfect gift for another.

Directions: Wind up the tube just enough to apply the balm + glide over lips. Use as needed or apply morning and night for best results. An excellent ‘primer protector’ for under lipstick. Leave a few minutes before applying a lipstick coat.

Keep cool + out of heat. (Do not leave in clothing pockets as it may cause it to soften.)

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed apricot kernel oil, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic manuka beeswax, natural plant-based vitamin e.

Made in New Zealand. Contains no nasty chemicals or preservatives. Ethical. Fair trade, never tested on animals.

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