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By The Sea

Code:FST 9781742574219
By the Sea features more than 50unique properties throughout theworld that have their footprints onsome of the world's most wonderfulbeaches. Featuring a mix of residentialhomes, hotels, restaurants and cafes,each property has been carefullyselected for its aesthetic value, history,and ambience, and their success inblending with, and adapting to, theirenviable beachfront locations.The wonderful photography inthis book highlights the unique nature of each property and isa vital component in their selection. The accompanying text byexperienced travel writer Barry Stone brings to life their individualstories.. A classy hardcover gift book showcasing more than 50 ofthe most unique beach homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes, in theworld. Featuring wonderful photography and accompany text thatbrings to life the individual stories of each house.. Expertly researched by experienced travel writer Barry Stone.
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