Suit Hire Measurements

We recommend that you get your measurements done professionally at a menswear store, suit tailor or suit hire outlet. The measurements you provide are used to alter the suits so it is important these are accurate. Most stores will either size you up for free or charge a very small fee.

If you are not able to have the measurements done professionally then you can do them yourself, if you decide to do this (which we do not recommend), please follow the measurement guidelines we have provided below.

In all instances we recommend that you come into Thomas's at least 2 days before your event so that we have time to alter any suits that might not fit correctly. This is especially important if you have taken your own measurements.

Self Measurements

The diagram below shows the measurements that we require when sizing someone up for our suit hire service. If you are doing the measurements yourself then please take note of the descriptions we have provided next to each type of measurement.

Suit Hire Measurement Diagram